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A young surgeon who performed the operation, Mohsen al-Qaisi, told Mehr News Agency: "Brain surgery to remove a brain tumor is a difficult operation, especially when a mother is ready to give birth."

"Concurrent brain and cesarean surgery are rare in the world because of the high risk," he said.

"The 4-year-old mother was unaware of the seriousness of her illness and thought she had a benign brain tumor," the surgeon said, citing the risk that the operation might have harmed the fetus and the mother.

"To reduce the risk of surgery, we decided to have brain surgery concurrently with cesarean section," he said.

Al-Qaisi said the mother was unaware of the synergy between the two actions, saying: "The baby was born in good health by the women's team and was present in the operating room during her brain tumor surgery so that the crying of the baby made the surgical team more energetic. Was.

He said: "During this operation, the brain tumor was completely removed and there was no defect in the mother, so that the mother was able to breastfeed her child after the operation.

Al-Qassi said last week, a brain tumor of a pregnant woman with a 7-week fetus was completely removed by the surgery and anesthesia team at Baqiyatallah Hospital and the mother and fetus were discharged.

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